Catalyst Biosciences is harnessing the catalytic power of engineered human proteases to develop next-generation biopharmaceuticals with improved efficacy and safety in the fight against major diseases.

Focused on drug discovery for hemostasis and complement-driven diseases, age-related macular degeneration and inflammation, Catalyst Biosciences engineers human proteases that initiate or regulate protease driven biological cascades and can inactivate hundreds to thousands of disease-causing target molecules.

Catalyst Biosciences is working independently and with leading industry partners to develop both novel and improved best-in-class versions of current protease-based drugs.

Catalyst Biosciences and Pfizer in exclusive world-wide collaboration for Factor VIIa hemophilia products.


Catalyst Biosciences and Isu Abxis have teamed up to develop a best-in-class biologic for hemophilia B patients.

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